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Installation of Pure Water RO System video Oct 09, 2022

This RO System with the capacity of 1000liters/hour will be shipped to Lebanon.

Here we are going to give a brief introduction on how to install and test this RO System when you get it from Hinada.
  First of all, prepare a good installation site (indoor space is better) for this RO System.
 Secondly Install the input/output pipeline, and electrical cable according to our drawing.
 Thirdly, test all the pumps, valves, and water level detectors manually, and check the RO module and pipeline are all in good condition and working properly.
 Fourthly, Sets the sand and activated carbon filter controller backwashing once or twice every 2 days (according to the manual of the Controller). The softener resin regeneration frequency needs to be calculated according to the hardness and capacity of inlet water, one or two times per day.
  Fifthly, set this RO System running automatically, do maintenance, and replace the filter element regularly. Hinada is the leading manufacturer of RO systems, any questions about your drinking water or water treatment solutions please contact us.

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