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Ultrafiltration Technologies in Lithium ion Battery wastewater treatment Apr 16, 2023

Today we will show you the Ultrafiltration Technologies in Lithium-ion Battery wastewater treatment, after biological treatment, the calcium and magnesium still excessive emission to the environment. Therefore, add this softener filtration system, ion Exchange resin to low down the calcium and magnesium

 Then permeate water enter Ultrafiltration system, remove of big particulates and macro-molecules from raw water, the effluent will be much clear and color less. UF System as good pretreatment system of RO System. Lithium battery is a relatively clean new energy, but the wastewater generated during the production process of lithium battery is a typical high-concentration organic wastewater. The wastewater mainly contains N-methyl pyrrolidone, carbon powder, organic lipids, etc. this wastewater has complex components, poor biodegradability, non-biodegradability, and certain toxicity. If the lithium battery production wastewater that has not been thoroughly treated is directly discharged into the water environment, it will greatly affect the water ecological environment and threaten human health.

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