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20m3/Day Wastewater Treatment System In Containerized

MBR Technology

Designed for small wastewater project

Reasonable / Auotmatically controlling / Easy operation

Stable and Qualified output water


Containerized MBR System are designed for sewage treatment, and industrial wastewater treatment for different application such as for industry (food industry) or hotel, for remote communities without access to a municipal sewage system, but also to improve existing treatment plants.

This Wastewater System in Containerized (Membrane Bioreactor) Treatment Plant is designed for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, the combination of a membrane process like microfiltration or ultrafiltration with a suspended. The MBR system provides an aerobic microbiological treatment of waste water in which good efficiency is acquired and purified water of good quality is achieved.

For more information or quotation, please share those information for us:

  • Raw water qaulity test report ?
  • Output Water quality standard?
  • Treatment Capacity per hour ?

Containerized MBR System treatment process:


20 m3/Day Containered MBR System main parts Included:


The Standard components for the mobile containerized MBR System


MBR Modular


Compact Tank ( Carbon steel + Coating )


Control Panel

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