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250m3/day Packaged Drinking Water RO System in Containe
  • Integrated drinking water RO system in Containerized, moveable, good for remote regions
  • Designed for plug-and-play on-site operation
  • automatically controlling, easy operation, stable and qualified output water
  • Customized Capacity: according client requirement
  • According to clients application and offer different solution.


Drinking the safety, healthy and good taste water is a major factor in the enjoyment. Today we are going to show you the 250m3/day Packaged Drinking Water RO System in Containerized, the best remote regions drinking water treatment solution.

This industry RO System for treating river water to drinking application, why we need to drink the treated water? According to the WHO report, contaminated water can not only transmit diseases such diarrhea but also cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. And there are lots of factors effect the quality of river water, such as:

1) high turbidity or TDS, different location on the continent, the water resources different. If the city closed to sea or coastline, the underground water will be contained high salt with High TDS. In the regions that lack of forest plant but high annual rainfall, it will cause flood easy that the river water has high turbidity.

2) Surface water sources sometimes highly polluted. Factors such as sewage discharges, oil pollution, industrial factors etc.

3) Water scarcity, it is the lack of fresh drinkable water resources to meet the standard water demand. And of course, the Climate change is likely to have a significant impact on water resources.


The people desperately needs a well for clean drinking water, especially the remotely village resident. Our 250m3/day Packaged Drinking Water RO System in Containerized will be shipped to South Sudan, it applies to treat river water, then supply to office and house drinking water, installed 25sets water dispenser and faucet on different building floors.

The treatment process of 250m3/day Packaged Drinking Water RO System in Containerized


let’s go and see the inside of Containerized RO System Self-priming pump, boosting the water from primary tank to this Containerized RO System.
Multimedia Sand Filter, to effectively remove suspended solids, organic matter, colloidal particles, microorganisms.
The Activated Carbon Filter, it can absorb the residual chlorine, removal effects on bad odor smelly, colloid and colors.
The Cartridge Filter, with accuracy 5um as pretreatment system.
The containerized 250m3/day RO System, it has designed 15set of 8-inch RO Membrane, it can remove particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, harmful bacteria substances and 99% dissolved salts.
From here the clean water will flow to UV Disinfection kill the bacteria and Coliform, then stored in this stainless 304 pure water tank. This Water Supply system with frequency converter, pumping the water to different water dispenser or faucet.

Water is Life For our healthy water, Choose Hinada’s water equipment or solution as your reliable supplier, Hinada will devote all our efforts to meet your requirement, any inquiry just contacts with us.

Main Equipment List and Parts Specification of the 250m3/day Packaged Drinking Water RO System

No. Item Name & Specification QTY
1. Booster Pump
Rated Flow: 20m3/hr, P=4.0KW, Rated Head: 30m
Material: Stainless 304/316
2. Multimedia Sand Filtration System / Activated Carbon Filtration System
FRP Tank: ф1000x 1850mm, Water Distributor
Silicon Sand 800kgs +200kgs Carbon
Controller Valves (Automatic TMF77A1)
3. Cartridge Filter
Duty: 20m3/hour
Housing Material: SS304 ф300×1000
Cartridge material: Polypropylene 5 Micron
4. High Pressure pumps
Duty:16m3/hr@22bar; Rated head: 140m
Material: stainless 304
Motor speed:2900 rpm /Driving power:15kw
Power: 50Hz/3phrase/380V (Optional)
5. RO Module & Housing stainless 8040
Recovery :15% single RO Membrane
Type of membranes: Brackish water membrane PA (Polyamide)
Dimension of membrane:8" Diameter X 40" long
RO Membrane Housing: FRP 300PSI
15 SET
6. Control Panel
Control Automatic, PLC + Touch Screen HMI + Frequency Inverter
Cable /Case SUS314
7. UV sterilizers
SUS304, 60W*4, 275nm UV Lamp, lifetime: 10000 hours
8. Stainless Tank
SUS304 material, V=5000liters
9. Stainless Dispensers with cold /Hot water
Storage Hot water tank: 10L
Supply Hot water: 25L/H
Power: 2.0KW
3 nos of Faucets, 1 hot 1 Cold 1 Normal
Dimension: 640*370*1260mm
Pressure: 0.1---0.6MPa
Widely applied for 40---65 people drinking
Normal water: directly connect with Water supply system, 120L/H, Cold water 60L/H
Color can be black or silver
25 SET
10. 40 Feet New Carbon Steel Container for the whole RO system was installed, moveable containerized, blue color, with Light Exhaust Fan and Window 1 SET
11. Water Supply System (Pump, frequency converter) 1 SET

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