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Wastewater Treatment Equipment In Containerized

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Hospital Wastewater Treatment Equipment in containerize

Hospital Wastewater Treatment Equipment in containerized by Membrane Bioreactor

The parameters of this MBR System:

Average Capacity: 5—100m3/Day

Material of Container: Carbon Steel + Anti-corrosion Painting; 6mm thickness of the Carbon Steel / or the SUS304.

Controlling: Automatic Running

Output Water Quality: Meet the international standards, for discharge or reuse in irrigation.


About Hospital Wastewater Treatment System

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) was installed and operated for hospital wastewater treatment syste widely applied recent years. It was fed an influent directly from the hospital’s sanitary collection system. the efficiency of micropollutant elimination in raw hospital wastewater that comprises a complex matrix with micropollutant concentrations ranging from low ng/L to low mg/L, an automated online SPE-HPLC-MS/MS analytical method was developed. The micropollutant elimination efficiency was assessed through continuous flow-proportional sampling of the MBR influent and continuous time-proportional of the MBR effluent. An overall load elimination of all pharmaceuticals and metabolites in the MBR was 22%, as over 80% of the load was due to persistent iodinated contrast media. No inhibition by antibacterial agents or disinfectants from the hospital was observed in the MBR. The hospital wastewater was found to be a dynamic system in which conjugates of pharmaceuticals deconjugate and biological transformation products are formed, which in some cases are pharmaceuticals themselves.

In achieving this, building a functional and effective wastewater treatment system will be essential – not only for patient satisfaction but also for the preservation of the ecosystem as well as and in order to stay compliant with the governing laws and regulations.

Hinada the professional manufacturer of Containerized hotel wastewater treatment system, for more information or quotation, please share those information for us:

  • Raw water qaulity test report ?
  • Output Water quality standard?
  • Treatment Capacity per hour or rooms ?

Containerized Hotel Wastewater Treatment System– treatment process:


The Standard components for the mobile containerized MBR System


MBR Modular


Compact Tank ( Carbon steel + Coating )


Control Panel


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