Vehicle urea production High purity automotive urea solution Apr 03, 2023

High purity automotive urea solution, for vehicles with colorless, transparent and clear liquid. Automotive urea is a special exhaust gas purifying and reducing agent for diesel engine

The scientific name of automobile urea (automotive urea, automobile environmental urea) is the diesel exhaust treatment solution. Used in diesel engines. It is a consumable that must be used in SCR technology to reduce the pollution of nitrogen oxides in diesel vehicle exhaust.
Automotive urea is additives for diesel engines. The urea solution is injected into the catalyst of the SCR system triggering a chemical reaction that converts highly toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen (N2) and water vapour (H2O), gases that are harmless to the environment.

What exactly is urea? Not to be confused with urine (seriously, some people do), urea is a solution of 32.5% urea and 67.5% in de-ionized water. It's injected directly into the vehicle catalysts using an injector no bigger than a lead point in order to combine with NOx. The resulting mixture creates harmless inert nitrogen and water. Without the urea, a catalyst cannot function. Urea has been around for some time within the trucking industry, but in that environment, it is comprised of a completely different concentration.

Urea technology production process as below: Urea Particle grain-----Dissolved in high purity water( 2 stages of RO System + EDI Technologies) -----100 mesh Bag filter-----5u cartridge filter----1u cartridge filter-----0.01u Ultrafiltration System.

Hinada has special developed one type of UF Membrane for vehicle urea production, any further information please contact with us.

The importance of automotive urea in Diesel engines: 

  • Diesel engines offer higher power, thanks to their high compression.
  • Trucks travel a lot of kilometers and the price of diesel is lower.
  • Diesel engine components are more robust and therefore last longer.
  • Having more torque-force applied to make something turn-makes them ideal for moving heavy loads.

With no ignition system, diesel engines can work in adverse weather conditions and with high humidity.


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